About Neophytou Jewellery
Three generations and, more than 56 years of passion and dedication to the ART of goldsmithing and diamonds, prove the guaranteed quality, the impeccable service, the incomparable design and the good name that characterises its course.


In 1964, Antis Neophytou begins with an artistic vein from music to become active in goldsmithing with the creative momentum of an artist. He sees jewellery as a work that gives him life, and this accompanies the feelings of the people who wear it. Together with his two sons, Phytos and Zachos, he created one of the first factories for the production of handmade and industrialised production chains in Cyprus and the company begins to flourish.

2002, Antis Neophytou hands the baton of the company over to his two sons, Phytos and Zachos Neophytou, who were always by his side and learned the art of goldsmithing as children.

21st Century

At the end of the 21st century, the third generation of the Neophytou family starts to contribute to the transition of the new digital age for an online store to host all jewellery creations of our jewellery. The perfect organisation with your favourite jewellery and the same guaranteed quality and flawless service. We are digitally ready to talk to you and to serve you from the comfort of your home. With studies in digital marketing, Andreas Neophytou has undertaken the responsibility of promoting the digital presence of the company on the internet.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make you feel beautiful with our jewellery, to wear it with timeless value and to enjoy it for a lifetime. Our impeccable service, fast and safe delivery of your well-known and favourite jewellery are always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a written guarantee by Neophytou Jewellery.


Neophytou Jewellery is dedicated to financial growth through sustainable methods, and our success depends upon the hard work and attitude of our people. We lead the industry in our policies of operating transparently, so our employees and customers alike can share our pride in the positive impact we have. Our philosophy is to lead by example in the most inclusive way possible, to educate and encourage that these ideals are shared by all. We offer a safe, happy and supportive workplace, where training takes place every day, and awareness and self-improvement are integral parts of our culture. An engaged workforce that cares about its customers and the environment is a natural result.


To create values in memorable moments of people’s lives by offering beautiful designer jewelleries that connect emotionally with passion and charisma. We are committed to protecting the environment, and maintaining respectful relation with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and communities.
Our vision is to provide jewellery products, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty.
Meet Our Experts
Zachos Neophytou
Studied and trained in Italy and Belgium while simultaneously promoting the dynamic upward course of development of the company in the retail industry with a unique natural talent in creating a loyal relationship with customers, fully understanding their wishes and needs. With his communicative charisma and his great experience in jewellery, he becomes the best consultant for clients in every occasion. He chooses the store’s jewellery with elegance and remains up to date with the market on a daily basis. He collaborates with the biggest companies in Europe and serves the customers with the latest fashion trends.
Phytos Neophytou
Studied jewellery in Florence, Italy, Phytos Neophytou is evolving into the dynamic axis of large collaborations from Europe, and of the modernisation and innovation of the company. He creates the first B2B exhibitions in Cyprus with his partners for wholesale sales and brings the big names of Italian jewellery to the local market such as Unoaerre, Rosato, Maxi Oro, Nomination, Gavvelo, Sunday Pegorotto etc. He also applies all modern business standards to the company such as ISO 9001: 2000 and collaborates with the Gemological Institutes for the certification of diamonds GIA America and HRD Belgium. His proactivity and love for the profession brings him to this day to the position of President of the Association of Goldsmiths of Cyprus who works for the development of Cypriot jewellery and the profession of the art of goldsmithing.
Our Certifications